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Friday, August 23, 2013

My Eternal love.

In the early years of my childhood i resided in the magnificent valley of Jemina, my mother's birthplace and ofcourse her father's village. The road to which my maternal aunt's corona car road was very rough and with no blacktopping's done, the vivid entrance from the bridge to the first sight of the valley uplighted my sentiments and thats how my first love for nature grew. Whole of the valley was covered with cypress tress and fresh river flowed during early spring. Most of my memories assciated with are the cold winter's where my mom and i always caught up with the snow on our way back from visit to an old family friend. The reason why so much of attachment i have to this day is the friednly country road towards my grandfathers orchard or the presence of my late grandfather or may be my mother's strawberries that now nomore grows in the abandoned kitchen garden. The first house's to appear were traditional bhutanese house following were cottages with very few fancy finishings and the cemetry perplexed me the most eachtime i made a visit to this place for i had never even seen one.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Bhutan is changing and so are the changing outlook of the youth undermining the sanctity of family values and cultures. All youth are alike in a way that they want to wear fashionable cloths, speak good english, drive cars, smoke and have a nice girlfriend or boyfriend. A class 1 kid using an IPhone is a commnon scene mostly in the private schools/elementary school.A common thing that popular youth share are three names or atleast unique names not like mine(Tashi Wangmo),someone who drives but is not of age, who balls, smokes and of all who goes to Buddha Point(refer to former Blogs) and post pictures of it on facebook. It seems that out of 10 youths almost every 9 youth turns out to take pictures from their late night drives at Buddha Point or BBS tower. While some have it with their hands folded over their so called BF/Gf; rest with drinks, cigarettes. Once i remember this boy from my music class who would put up a picture on instagram saying F*** the Polic. My my!that is simply not how you put up pictures these days!. I feel pity on him because firstly he is a chicken to put up the picture on IG where no Police can see, secondly the picture is so blurr that only smart people can figure out and thirdly and most important he considers of himself to be cool when he uploads such post. I mean it is normal of all citizens to think of police like that but come on! That is what i call"coolness" in the bhutanese youth world. It seems we did adopt the Swag from the west but just not the appropriate one!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How likewise

Do you remember Paul the Octopus who predicted the winners of the world cup for spain against the Netherlands; well for the second elections in Bhutan the so called "oracle" is played by Bhutanomics!. Bhutanomics is a page on facebook where they openly bring out the true colours of the ruling government and the night before(second night of the black out period) posted on facebook their predictions of the 2013 elections and i must say they were 100% true. According to the predictions PDP(worlds smallest opposition) would sweep the elections by 32 seats out of 47 and the remaning by the opposition. The octopus and Bhutanomics are same in the sense that both remain omnious and have the ability to remain calm and very firm, the octopus cannot speak but simply show some gesture and so can bhutanomics not reveal its identity but simply state facts(good or bad) about the ruling government. I might write more later!

I had do!

Today is an important day for Bhutan as we decide towards the evening which party will form the new government. Through out the country the voting procedures have gone smoothly as compared to the first years of democracy as reported by the national news channel(BBS). However it was shocking to recieve an invitation from BBC to my father to be interviewed and since he lacked the ability to speak english properly i had to take the privilege to doing so!. Well let me describe the situation like, firstly my grandmothers parking lot located at the hub of the CBD seems deserted and no car can be seen today, secondly the night before, whole of the town was patrolled and thirdly the weather thorough out the country seems gloomy towards the afternoon and rainfall in some parts of western Bhutan. This year we have lesser problems compared to last year in terms of drunk voters and those that carried weapons. This time the battle between DPT and PDP who scored the highest number of seats during the primary rounds against the two other parties i.e Druk Chirwang Tshogpa and Druk Namrup Tshogpa. This time we have a tight election race as compared to 2008! After so many cold wars and unnecessary accusations against eachother;the final wait will be worth.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Paradox

My hand is trembling as i write this post and i do not know how many people might despise me for my thoughts. The recent events at Bodhgaya questioned my faith in humanity because there is no reason terrorist should attack such harmless people. Everyday millions over the world fight for Tibet's freedom, in order to gain this so called "Freedom" innocent people have given up their lives and their happiness at stake. People promptly support slogans saying “Free Tibet” but deep inside they have no idea whether China really is going to free Tibet sooner. Why do we give our lives when we support peace and portray ourselves to the world as content beings?, when we can't even stop condemning nations and its time that we see things from a rational point. Because we are not aware of the fact that there are so many hypocrites out there just like those who were involved in bombing the sacred temples at Gaya.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A teenager defines love.

What is love? most teens would promptly reply saying its a magical feeling involving two opposite sex where eachtime you see that person you fall in love. But hey!! the love that we talk about is abstract and is philosophical in every sense. Lately i would define love as putting someone else before you; be it anyone, to have patience and to examine everylittle thing with endurance and commitment. Love is always about giving just like my paternal grandmother (smiles)and yes love is about conquering many battles of hate and it is about emphasising yourself in the shoes of other people even if your ego is too huge and love is respecting someone elder to you irrespective of him being good or bad. I wouldn't agree with the mundane and monotonous idea of love that the youth has in store not only because they are wrong but also that they are not aware of the real love!. Next time you say that your in love please make a correction and say you like someone and if thats not enough better say like him/her madly!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Horn ok Please!

Bhutanese people have learnt to live in houses made of expensive materials, they send their kids to international schools, they have learnt to watch T.V on plasma screens and also learnt to speak english fluently yet we have not learnt to trust our conscience while driving and avoid honking at every unnecessary points or curves!!. We consider honking necessary while driving but are ignorant of other things like not talking on the phone or lowering our speed. This defines our attitude towards civilization where we have very less consideration for other people and more for our convenience and the same thing also goes towards smoking.This was clearly noticeable when the year before so called smokers were not happy with the Tobacco Act passed by the government. where one was prohibit from smoking in public. This initiative was taken in order to reduce nonsmokers and also to encourage smokers to smoke in private places like toilet or residence. However since majority of Bhutanese are inconsiderate they started to condemn the law and the ruling Government.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion show teaches me a moral lesson?!

A decade back if we had to disseminate news within our locality a simple letter from the dzong would be enough, as the officer or messanger would inform eachhousehold. However with change in technology it has become so easy and fast, for example if there's a fashion show the following week one could easly be informed through a simple text, facebook message, instagram or twitter. We dont even make use of the T.V because even advertisers know that more people espically the youth make use of the internet. The audience no longer speak Dzongkha(the national language) rather prefer speaking so called "American English" because not only have we been brought up like that but also aware of the newly fact that speaking english is way cooler and no longer hesitate to wear fashionable and modern attires. 50% of the crowd that i witnessed yesterday had come to know about the show through Instagram and on Facebook. What the Chief Election Commissioner said was true in every aspect as it protrayed the mentality of the world when the word "Climate Change" would strike their minds. He said people always think that climate change and preservation of the enviornment is a a major issue and one cannot contribute in small ways but it is a undenying fact that it is in this small ways say for example helding a fashion show based entirely on waste designed cloths. Than i thought if ever the world comes to a state of crisis where we are out of industry made cloths than maybe for some extent we could make use of these cloths and even now encourage as it recycles waste material. To highlight on last night's show my favourite designer Chuynid won and it was happy seeing her after i saw her encouraging comments on my blog early spring. .

Friday, June 7, 2013


"kuzuzangpola" meaning good morning in dzongkha is a cliché for the tourist that visit Bhutan every year and this time of the year so many tourist from all over the world visit us. That evening the view from my mom's town house was magnificent and satisfactory as it was filled with many tourist. One of them had been filming some random events of students returning from school and the elderly chanting prayers. The hotel next door has been literally bringing every day a bus full of tourist from the border areas and i couldn't help noticing the expression on one of their faces. The moment she got into her hotel room, peeping through the window and holding hands with her loved ones. On this note i also recall one of such incident when we were about to land at Paro International Airport last winter. I noticed that just next to me there lay two female tourist(European)mother and a daughter along with their father and sister at the back. Just few minutes before we landed, the view of the magnificent Paro valley came into picture and the prayer flags believed to carry our prayers to heaven. Right here did i hear the mother weep and hold her daughter's hand saying" it's beautiful". I was touched and amazed by this small act of kindness by these strangers.


I have never thought of a soulmate in the past and that day my teacher proved a blessing to me. when she told us that "soul mates" could actually be anyone apart from your spouse and that you could have several of them!. The word soulmate wasen’t familiar to me and one thing was sure, the moment i would hear about it,it was confined to love. According to people it means when someone completes you and reinforces the fact that you have better purposes and roles to be played. However what astonished and uplifted me was the perspective of "soulmate"provided by my teacher, according to her it meant anyone who has helped you to become someone better in life and someone who dared not to take away hope from you and also the fact that one can have several of them in various forms. Therefore i say "thank YOU Madam" because since that day my fog's on soulmate has been cleared as well as my outlook on it has changed drastically. For me all the people that i have ever met, the one's that were bad taught me to be wise and the ones that were good taught me to be better and of all the ones that made me a better person than i was yesterday. I believe there is nothing that one can learn on its own and achieve mastery or excellence, sufficing that we are dependent on each other and gratitude must always flow, therefore my teacher has already been enlisted in my soul mate category; fortunately she topped the list

Saturday, June 1, 2013

what is actually happening.

I do not know of other countries but alot about what is happening in Bhutan through facebook. The youth espically those aged from 15-20 seem to be facebook addicts as they seem to discover new friends every now and then and most of them come to know about their school mates more through Facebook than actually in school. Some even come to know about each other so well that they have this new relationship of sisters, brothers, best friend forever, boyfriend, grandfather being established which is clearly displayed through the family tree section. Few years ago a man from one of the European countries had become popular among the bhutanese youth espically from Paro where he played the role of a grandfather and neither did i question about him to these so called facebook nieces and i would often see his comments on their pictures. While the other section of youth who keep changing their profile picture now and then seem to add unlimited number of people and message them with a request to like their picture and this happens with the girls. Similarily with the pages "like" seems to be a cliche and a symbol of competition among the page admins with almost every page being linked with the word "Bhutanese", for example Bhutanese Girls, Bhutanese Boys, Bhutanese Models and etc. while there are those that seem to like someones picture without any conscience and little hope that their pictures will be liked back and guess what! its a success as more than 90% of pictures are being liked just at the glance of it.

Good comeback.

Good comeback. Incase my readers thought i was dead or stuck somewhere, i am glade to come back with a good news. Few months back i blogged about my unwillingness to accept the results of the body building competition, well here is something good then,justic has been finally done!. Anti doping agency has finally stepped in just like the hero at the end of the movie. As a result the four winners declined to give their urine test, forbidding them from participating in any international body building events. Any body can conclude this hideous act as the reason behind using illegal methods to accomplish medals and titles and i must say there never was a winner for us this year or any year where such act was carried out however without us knowing; if it ever happend before. This is important for us as a small country developing every second and being the country where dharma flourished, forget about religion our main philosophy is based on GNH. I and many people believe that corruption must be nipped in the bud; otherwise we are just making a fool of ourselves and pacing a balloon full of short commings for the future generations

Monday, April 22, 2013

My paternal Grandmother.

My grandmother was a very patient women unlike any other women i had met in my life. Under her guidance i had learnt so many values in life like to forgive people irrespective of their actions and learn always to be calm at disheartning situations. Whatever she has taught me so far has helped me become the person i am today;calm, forgiving, endurable sense of nature and of all polite. She would often talk to me regarding my harsh and extreme kind of nature which i portrayed through my way of talking. I was a very bad communicator then. I am still awed by her sense of approaching someone even if it was her enemy which i believe she had none and her talks to us would always be in the form of a mild cold, like the one that appear after the rains have stopped. It was soft and soothing but at the same time alarming and provoking. She was a women of substances. She simply knew the truth and never accused anyone who tried disturbing her life by making false rumors or inconvenience’s in her family. The easiest thing i believe for her to do was simply give more and she never expected anything from anyone; as far as i know and her love for grandfather was eternal. When i had lived with her there came across so many incidents where people would turn ungrateful to her and yet she smiled; a very satisfactory smile full of accomplishment. As a parent she was very supportive as this i knew when she attended all my school programs and helping me with all necessary school agendas. For this reason she got along with everyone and it resulted in a loving atmosphere for her and help was available whenever required. Of all people she had a very close friend who was actually her sister in law which is quite a paradox to a mundane family situation; of all but the sister in law!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We remember you.

Today as Bhutan marks first nation wide holiday for International day of happiness we ought to remember our fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck for he is the man behind this wholesome idea of GNH. Thank you your majesty for making us feel so special everysingle day as we realise that we have been gifted with such selfless king our Apa(father) and been born in the most peaceful country in the world. At the end of the day today we must pray for the wellbeing of all those that guard our country from the very root of their lives; our guardian deity, His majesty and all the fellow army.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My eternal love

In the early years of my childhood i resided in the magnificent valley of Jemina, my mother's birthplace and ofcourse her father's village. The road to which my maternal aunt's corona car road was very rough and with no blacktopping's done, the vivd entrance from the bridge to the first sight of the valley uplighted my sentiments and thats how my first love for nature grew. Whole of the valley was covered with cypress tress and fresh river flowed during early spring. Most of my memories assciated with are the cold winter's where my mom and i always caught up with the snow on our way back from visit to an old family friend. The reason why so much of attachment i have to this day is the friednly country road towards my grandfathers orchard or the presence of my late grandfather or may be my mother's strawberries that now nomore grows in the abandoned kitchen garden. The first house's to appear were traditional bhutanese house following were cottages with very few fancy finishings and the cemetry perplexed me the most eachtime i made a visit to this place for i had never seen one and the only thing i heard about it was associated with ghost and spirits. The most exciting part was hiking all the way to my grandfather's upper orchard with such fresh apples and our group of stray dogs namely batman, tiger, domchu(bear0, lady and kala. Sadly i lost my dog lady after a treacherous accident and that was the last time i liked being around with dogs. After tiring day's the house to which i sheltered was a typical bhutanese house with alot of modifications and decent decorations;from there i remember the large clock with the Tashichhoe dzong at the back ground.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I remember that spring.

The spring of 2010 was a splendid one with flowers to bloom early and I was residing with my paternal grandmother than. However I found a lake full of joy to enjoy the sightseeing of the first blossom’s because I was isolated from all material possession and resided in valley of surpassing beauty, where at midday you could spot the only plane flying over the magnificent so called country hills. Walking to home from school was so heart stirring because I noticed the valley across the river (chu phaka) changed its color from grey dissapointment’s to a hope of green aspirations. Then after school I would immediately walk across my grandmother’s gardens and near the maturing river to take pictures of the blossoms and feel the fresh green trees. The only way to keep hold of those memories were through my digital camera which was gifted by my beloved apa(father) and at times I would just gaze through my 2 storeyed towards the splendid apple orchard . I must say these activities brought great joy and a source of contentment almost sufficing to all material compassions as a kid then and now reminiscing as an adult. When my cousins who lived in cities visited me I would take them for a walk and sightseeing near the river and the village road surrounded by cows ; a common scene at dusk.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Proud Bhutanese i am.

Vasant Valley ranking first in day school's in India has close ties with Bhutan since the director is a close friend of our king Jigme Khesar; the people's king. However the school becomes more familar when the only Bhutanese studying there is a friend of mine and this makes me more gay then ever to see such a talented Bhutanese take in the opportunity to study in one of the finest schools in India. I must say these four letter word*Thank you Tenzin Dadon*.


The tradition of paying tribute to your king and country is a common act before you watch a movie in a theatre and this is done by playing the national anthem in the standup position. The first one i witnessed is in one of the movie theatre's in Bhutan where they fastforwaded the national anthem and very few payed attention. However the second scene was witnessed in one of the movie theatre's in Thailand where everyone patriotically stands up; paying great homage and tribute to their king and country. I belive that this small act has taught many outsider's like us; irrespective of small or big country. Oh my my the last event associated with this issue was a week back in a housefull movie where they didn't even have the courtesy to play our anthem. Whose authority is this to be questioned about?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday your Majesty!

At the peak of midnight King Jigme Khesar will turn 33 today and early morning celebration's shall begin through out the country. We love our king out of free boundaries, under no such compulsion because the love that we have for our king is infinite; as that of a child towards his mother has. To us and throught the world he is known very few as the fifth dragon king and more as "people's king" clearly sufficing the servant that he has been to his citizens. . I do not know of any kingdom or republic or democracy nation which has and will see a brave and selfless being like this!. Wishing His Majesty a long life ahead and a prosperous new year onbehalf of your fellow citizens.

Monday, February 18, 2013

So i thought.

I thought may be before i lose all my teenage drama i would write about somethings which our parents are least aware of. The night before i knew on how many people my aunty went out with before marriage and it's obvious sex was a yes yes. Then i thought at this moment i am trying my best to maintain a stature with improvised intergity and etiqueti. I am not convincing that once you sleep around with one or two guys you lose all those. However my philosophy is that there should be a fine line between dating guys and literally dating them aswell as sleeping around. Whatsoever one's virginity shoudl be his or her spouse's gift..LOL not necessary the male's.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Destiny and luck.

"we cannot choose where we come from but we can decide where we will go from there". When we are born irrespective of good or bad stature or pleasing appearences; majority decide to live life on that basis. So for those who are born in the most pleasing manner tend to live life to the fullest ignorant of improving spiritually as well as achieving more in life. Instead they become less giving and for those that have lived a sour childhood for an instnace tend to life on that basis; poor family background. However my say is that most who have gone through a series of sourness during early days tend to have the brightest future of all and the giving nature is inhibited in them.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Priority it is. .

Bhutanese people are so narrowminded in reference to the priority issue. The beef chief is that they have two priorities , one a house and the other a good car. It was not long before bhutan goverment stoped car import by march 2012 realizing the fact that increase in car users brought many consequences. such as environmental pollution and decrease in quality of living. In the basic terms that i have examined bhutanese kids are entitled to poor quality education and deleterious diet for "those priotised parents". The biggest drawback i feel is too many vechile loans not only for one car but for too many of them. Nevertheless we still preach GNH.

This i dislike.

As our country develops, over the last decade western society play's a vital role in influencing our modern culture. However i presume at the moment we are taught quite the wrong. For an instance taking pride in what is wrong and not acceptable that because "the wrong" here is sufficed for the "coolness" in the teenage world.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Not so predictable.

Buddha said live in the moment and sadly thats not what our media people did, on the 20th of november 2011, 2 years from now. The journalsit put up an editon where they predicted political insights for the next democratic elections.
If readers could carefully take a look at that picture, on the left are the possible candidates for year 2013!. However there is no trace of 4 candidates insighting the political year. who thougth this was comming now!! All the bhutanese please take a moment to realise that if the upcomming election is won by Druk Chirwang Tshogpa, then our country will be ruled by the first ever Female Prime Minister. Whatsoever today the party received their certificate of registration from ECB.
After all our mediocre's are not the orcale are they?