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Thursday, January 27, 2011

mangula ka

It's been a while since this fictiou's character has been playing a very important role in my life. This character has helped me to feed my sister and put her to bed at time and at the most make her do things which even her mommy cannot. I have simply no idea when this character evolved but she comes from one of the famous bollywood movies starring superstar akshay kumar, she's believed to be a witch( booth). At home we( me and my sister) believe to to have her in the store room, so my sister refrains herself from visiting that room at all cost.

my father's scooter

When I was a young kid i used to ride in my fathers scoter. Those days my father only owned a scooter and Money was hard to come to buy a car. The scooter was well used all over the town. We usually had to ride during Dawn because by then the town would be free of dust and it would be fun too. I always enjoyed riding the scooter as it would provide us with fresh air of course in those days. It was an adventure for me to ride in one, unlike cars.

sa cho ga mi ga

Again I owe my cousins a lot for this. I saw the trailer of this movie from the the local channel. This movie comes with the title” a movie with a difference” but in reality it should be “a movie with a different place”( laughs). I personally think that these movie looks like a documentary more over to me. Now if this movie doesn’t become hit then I think that they are just buying us and yes what’s bad in that..thats what everyone does!!! LOL

friday night

Fresh anger and ignorance was in my mind when I had to go through this incident. First I think why would I even keep the topic on this post as “Friday night”. Well this is what happened. Since I stay somewhere near the town, I wanted to purchase some snacks from the shop under my residence but unfortunately it was closed. You know why it was closed and please recall my topic( laughs). Later I asked my friend to purchase it from a near by shop and I was waiting for her. At this particular moment, I had myself been mocked by the B boys( black boys, no offence) thanks for my adorable cousins for giving them these names. I tried to ignore them and as far as I know they were the people who wore working as ticket collectors in the club (destiny). It does not end here….then one of the b boys, lucky that I call them boys. A fat one came and asked me who I was waiting for and wanted me to call them. He used these exact statements” who are you waiting for and is it your son or nephew”. That was the most disgusting thing I had ever heard in years.