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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A teenager defines love.

What is love? most teens would promptly reply saying its a magical feeling involving two opposite sex where eachtime you see that person you fall in love. But hey!! the love that we talk about is abstract and is philosophical in every sense. Lately i would define love as putting someone else before you; be it anyone, to have patience and to examine everylittle thing with endurance and commitment. Love is always about giving just like my paternal grandmother (smiles)and yes love is about conquering many battles of hate and it is about emphasising yourself in the shoes of other people even if your ego is too huge and love is respecting someone elder to you irrespective of him being good or bad. I wouldn't agree with the mundane and monotonous idea of love that the youth has in store not only because they are wrong but also that they are not aware of the real love!. Next time you say that your in love please make a correction and say you like someone and if thats not enough better say like him/her madly!!

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