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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion show teaches me a moral lesson?!

A decade back if we had to disseminate news within our locality a simple letter from the dzong would be enough, as the officer or messanger would inform eachhousehold. However with change in technology it has become so easy and fast, for example if there's a fashion show the following week one could easly be informed through a simple text, facebook message, instagram or twitter. We dont even make use of the T.V because even advertisers know that more people espically the youth make use of the internet. The audience no longer speak Dzongkha(the national language) rather prefer speaking so called "American English" because not only have we been brought up like that but also aware of the newly fact that speaking english is way cooler and no longer hesitate to wear fashionable and modern attires. 50% of the crowd that i witnessed yesterday had come to know about the show through Instagram and on Facebook. What the Chief Election Commissioner said was true in every aspect as it protrayed the mentality of the world when the word "Climate Change" would strike their minds. He said people always think that climate change and preservation of the enviornment is a a major issue and one cannot contribute in small ways but it is a undenying fact that it is in this small ways say for example helding a fashion show based entirely on waste designed cloths. Than i thought if ever the world comes to a state of crisis where we are out of industry made cloths than maybe for some extent we could make use of these cloths and even now encourage as it recycles waste material. To highlight on last night's show my favourite designer Chuynid won and it was happy seeing her after i saw her encouraging comments on my blog early spring. .

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