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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Priority it is. .

Bhutanese people are so narrowminded in reference to the priority issue. The beef chief is that they have two priorities , one a house and the other a good car. It was not long before bhutan goverment stoped car import by march 2012 realizing the fact that increase in car users brought many consequences. such as environmental pollution and decrease in quality of living. In the basic terms that i have examined bhutanese kids are entitled to poor quality education and deleterious diet for "those priotised parents". The biggest drawback i feel is too many vechile loans not only for one car but for too many of them. Nevertheless we still preach GNH.

This i dislike.

As our country develops, over the last decade western society play's a vital role in influencing our modern culture. However i presume at the moment we are taught quite the wrong. For an instance taking pride in what is wrong and not acceptable that because "the wrong" here is sufficed for the "coolness" in the teenage world.