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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My eternal love

In the early years of my childhood i resided in the magnificent valley of Jemina, my mother's birthplace and ofcourse her father's village. The road to which my maternal aunt's corona car road was very rough and with no blacktopping's done, the vivd entrance from the bridge to the first sight of the valley uplighted my sentiments and thats how my first love for nature grew. Whole of the valley was covered with cypress tress and fresh river flowed during early spring. Most of my memories assciated with are the cold winter's where my mom and i always caught up with the snow on our way back from visit to an old family friend. The reason why so much of attachment i have to this day is the friednly country road towards my grandfathers orchard or the presence of my late grandfather or may be my mother's strawberries that now nomore grows in the abandoned kitchen garden. The first house's to appear were traditional bhutanese house following were cottages with very few fancy finishings and the cemetry perplexed me the most eachtime i made a visit to this place for i had never seen one and the only thing i heard about it was associated with ghost and spirits. The most exciting part was hiking all the way to my grandfather's upper orchard with such fresh apples and our group of stray dogs namely batman, tiger, domchu(bear0, lady and kala. Sadly i lost my dog lady after a treacherous accident and that was the last time i liked being around with dogs. After tiring day's the house to which i sheltered was a typical bhutanese house with alot of modifications and decent decorations;from there i remember the large clock with the Tashichhoe dzong at the back ground.

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