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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Paradox

My hand is trembling as i write this post and i do not know how many people might despise me for my thoughts. The recent events at Bodhgaya questioned my faith in humanity because there is no reason terrorist should attack such harmless people. Everyday millions over the world fight for Tibet's freedom, in order to gain this so called "Freedom" innocent people have given up their lives and their happiness at stake. People promptly support slogans saying “Free Tibet” but deep inside they have no idea whether China really is going to free Tibet sooner. Why do we give our lives when we support peace and portray ourselves to the world as content beings?, when we can't even stop condemning nations and its time that we see things from a rational point. Because we are not aware of the fact that there are so many hypocrites out there just like those who were involved in bombing the sacred temples at Gaya.

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