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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday your Majesty!

At the peak of midnight King Jigme Khesar will turn 33 today and early morning celebration's shall begin through out the country. We love our king out of free boundaries, under no such compulsion because the love that we have for our king is infinite; as that of a child towards his mother has. To us and throught the world he is known very few as the fifth dragon king and more as "people's king" clearly sufficing the servant that he has been to his citizens. . I do not know of any kingdom or republic or democracy nation which has and will see a brave and selfless being like this!. Wishing His Majesty a long life ahead and a prosperous new year onbehalf of your fellow citizens.

Monday, February 18, 2013

So i thought.

I thought may be before i lose all my teenage drama i would write about somethings which our parents are least aware of. The night before i knew on how many people my aunty went out with before marriage and it's obvious sex was a yes yes. Then i thought at this moment i am trying my best to maintain a stature with improvised intergity and etiqueti. I am not convincing that once you sleep around with one or two guys you lose all those. However my philosophy is that there should be a fine line between dating guys and literally dating them aswell as sleeping around. Whatsoever one's virginity shoudl be his or her spouse's gift..LOL not necessary the male's.