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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Extra realationship

This issue recalls me when i read the paper for the last time and saw this issue written in on of those sections 'MORE DIVORCE CASES' which reminds me of my parents. Than every time there is a talk i hear my elder's say he has a girl friend and not even in those lines where people say 'AFFAIRS' than they talk about the divorce that they are going to get from their wife but than when i ask the reasons behind they say 'she was good for nothing and always went for gambling' i mean if she was good for nothing than what about the kids?? will they go back to those tiny stuffs back in the stomach?? When i asked my dad why did u remarried he told me that i had to remarry cause i want a life and some one to look after me. Now i say there are people after divorce's remarrying and than again going out with girls. What is this world i mean every man is not happy with the life he has and has an affair be it with a cheap girl or a rich one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taxi drivers

Y are all the taxi drivers same i mean people have to depend on them no matter what even the rich at times to travel from one place to another. My mom lives near by the main traffic and i often have to walk through the town to get her grocery shopping done so what i notice every day is when ever we walk as the way on the road is open for pedestrians to cross the road the way taxi drivers look at girls let it be young or old enough to enjoy just by looking and when there aint no signal to cross the road and the moment u are about to cross the road suddenly taxi drivers stop their cars with that sharp noise and thats when they see hot girls as i said before enough to enjoy just by watching. Sometimes i feel bhutanese men are gone crazy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my plan of a perfect holiday

My plan of a perfect holiday is that since in Bhutan we have at least two months for the winter vacation in the schools so the first thing i would do is. I would spend the first month of my holiday getting myself en rolled in a course like music class or computer course than i would spend the second month going on a trip or either shopping with my family and the leftover weeks try to stay at home and cook for my family or do some house works.