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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A glimpse of his majesty the fourth king of bhutan

Today the 21st of jan i saw a glimpse of his majesty while coming back from my last music class. So much of this was into me and the people around me had been staring on him as if though it was their last day on earth. I never thought that it would bring so much happiness on everyones heart by seeing their king and we coud proudly saw those two lines"our king'. Trust me sometimes i feel like sheding tears and then think when people young or old find happiness while seeing their king what would happen when they met his royal highness??? Infact it is unpredictable in our lives.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Different schools

I came to know about this issues only when i was in class 8 and for the first time using facebook. In my remembarence i found out that there were not only good schools in bhutan but also in india and far more and also that our bhutanese students were attending them. Many who knew about those schools wanted to be a part of that school. some of the few schools which our bhutanese students were attending were woodstock, dr grahms homes, regents, kodaikanal, prem tinsulalaonda.

Out of which everyones entilied 'INTERNATIONAL' as though even this days people have big comparisons on the school they go to and believe that the better school they go to the better background they have. Out here i want to make sure that i am not blaming or critizing any one in this issue and believe that everybody wants to be a part of the goodthings and so on the better but as i am learning i have concluded this stuffs here by saying i wouldnt mind studying in the above school. lol