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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Bhutan is changing and so are the changing outlook of the youth undermining the sanctity of family values and cultures. All youth are alike in a way that they want to wear fashionable cloths, speak good english, drive cars, smoke and have a nice girlfriend or boyfriend. A class 1 kid using an IPhone is a commnon scene mostly in the private schools/elementary school.A common thing that popular youth share are three names or atleast unique names not like mine(Tashi Wangmo),someone who drives but is not of age, who balls, smokes and of all who goes to Buddha Point(refer to former Blogs) and post pictures of it on facebook. It seems that out of 10 youths almost every 9 youth turns out to take pictures from their late night drives at Buddha Point or BBS tower. While some have it with their hands folded over their so called BF/Gf; rest with drinks, cigarettes. Once i remember this boy from my music class who would put up a picture on instagram saying F*** the Polic. My my!that is simply not how you put up pictures these days!. I feel pity on him because firstly he is a chicken to put up the picture on IG where no Police can see, secondly the picture is so blurr that only smart people can figure out and thirdly and most important he considers of himself to be cool when he uploads such post. I mean it is normal of all citizens to think of police like that but come on! That is what i call"coolness" in the bhutanese youth world. It seems we did adopt the Swag from the west but just not the appropriate one!

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