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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Horn ok Please!

Bhutanese people have learnt to live in houses made of expensive materials, they send their kids to international schools, they have learnt to watch T.V on plasma screens and also learnt to speak english fluently yet we have not learnt to trust our conscience while driving and avoid honking at every unnecessary points or curves!!. We consider honking necessary while driving but are ignorant of other things like not talking on the phone or lowering our speed. This defines our attitude towards civilization where we have very less consideration for other people and more for our convenience and the same thing also goes towards smoking.This was clearly noticeable when the year before so called smokers were not happy with the Tobacco Act passed by the government. where one was prohibit from smoking in public. This initiative was taken in order to reduce nonsmokers and also to encourage smokers to smoke in private places like toilet or residence. However since majority of Bhutanese are inconsiderate they started to condemn the law and the ruling Government.