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Monday, April 22, 2013

My paternal Grandmother.

My grandmother was a very patient women unlike any other women i had met in my life. Under her guidance i had learnt so many values in life like to forgive people irrespective of their actions and learn always to be calm at disheartning situations. Whatever she has taught me so far has helped me become the person i am today;calm, forgiving, endurable sense of nature and of all polite. She would often talk to me regarding my harsh and extreme kind of nature which i portrayed through my way of talking. I was a very bad communicator then. I am still awed by her sense of approaching someone even if it was her enemy which i believe she had none and her talks to us would always be in the form of a mild cold, like the one that appear after the rains have stopped. It was soft and soothing but at the same time alarming and provoking. She was a women of substances. She simply knew the truth and never accused anyone who tried disturbing her life by making false rumors or inconvenience’s in her family. The easiest thing i believe for her to do was simply give more and she never expected anything from anyone; as far as i know and her love for grandfather was eternal. When i had lived with her there came across so many incidents where people would turn ungrateful to her and yet she smiled; a very satisfactory smile full of accomplishment. As a parent she was very supportive as this i knew when she attended all my school programs and helping me with all necessary school agendas. For this reason she got along with everyone and it resulted in a loving atmosphere for her and help was available whenever required. Of all people she had a very close friend who was actually her sister in law which is quite a paradox to a mundane family situation; of all but the sister in law!