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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I speak no Americano.

Today in Bhutan if you aska kid from middle class family to speak english, probably he or she would immediately change the accent into an American one. The rate at which development is striking us is less than youth learning to speak english with that typical American accent. Funny to know this but audience also consider this children as good speakers when they have zero grammar, no syntax, lack of pronunciation and poor meaning of words. According to our revered teacher's all the above are essential items to be kept in mind while speaking english or Dzongkha.

No more Pedestrian day

It's been months since we observed Pedestrian day every tuesday. Though it was officially observed in order to reduce pollution caused by cars; i still don't have a clear concept of what actually this day means. However we may observe this day there are so many drawbacks and short commings: Taxis charge more and there are as many as taxis out there than cars on any other normal day. We should rather call it "Taxis day" or "Government vehicle day". Let us not make this so complicated ; lets just accept the fact that pedestrian day is only an excuse to encourage people to travel in taxis.