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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Help them

Help them make their dreams come true. Their parents have abandoned them only because of their drinking habits and desire to have a life worth one. He’s parent’s has already remarried and he tells me about how he went through and that he never wants to go back again. It must be something new for us[readers] to hear that a eight year old child does not want to go back to his parents as if in those world of rich people even after u are over 18 years old u love your parents more than anything. He recalls one of his incident to me about when his parents returned that night drunk and asked him to cook food for them, when he did they wouldn’t eat the food instead shout at him and beat him including the other siblings. It is also amazing that this child could trust strangers [us] all the way from his home to paro, he now lives with us and works for us. We must say that he is among those children who are born luckily to those unlucky parents.

Fee collecter

I saw this girl, she was very young and I wondered why this girl was here and how was it possible for her to be here. Yes who evers daughter she was, who evers sister, or who ever's friend she was u and I cannot deny now that she is working temporary as a parking fee collectar. When I asked her the age she was living in she replied that she was only 12 years old and while my father pulled the car back I could notice in her face that she was curiously counting the time consumed by the vehicle in the parking lot by her little fingers in a cagey mood. In my notice she was still a student of the nearest school by her town.

my idea of a perfect world

The perfect world consist of three things for me; love, peace and freedom. Where our family friends and teachers gather to celebrate the perfect world, where we earn respect and have certain values in our life. Eg= school is the perfect world where we earn love, practice peace and enjoy freedom .The world would consists of mankind with no possessions so that there would be no war and no desires to have certain things. The qualities that would come along with me in this world are 1=a good citizen 2=a person who values the culture with great reverence and lastly 3= one who conserves the environment. My idea of a perfect world would also consists of people with equal standards and would want to spend more of our time with the person we love in our life. So let us all conserve this perfect world and be one of them