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Saturday, December 29, 2012

How like wise.

What Tyra Bank's is to Americas Next Top Model is our First Miss Bhutan Tshokey Tsomo Karchung to the Pageant. Tyra Banks is also indeed the first women to win the title for Americas Next Top Model in 2003. So is Tshokey the first one to win the title in 2008. Tyra Banks is also revered in the Contest throughout and so is Tshokey in the Pagent. so far her absence has not been recorded in the any of the cycle. However in Bhutan it's just the beginning and we have hardly had only 2 Contest so far. Whatsoever it may be for sure Tshokey will make it for futher Pageants; supporting the girls.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A blessing in disguise

PDP's downfall in the country's first election was indeed a blessing in Disguise. This is because firstly the government received a healthy opposition besides a young, first time politician, as one of the article in the constitution says so. Secondly Lyonpo Proved all the young citizens that no matter how devastated things get; endure the pain and work every day for the welfare of the country and for the welfare of the future of the country. Thirdly and most vital of all faith gifted us the most talented man, if the downfall had not taken place than we would have never known him; as a person and as the man who defined politics in the most basic and most patriotic way.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The karma within us

I strongly believe that someone called god exit, therefore I would like to put my utmost devotion in thanking him. I have finished eating my three meals today because of my karma. Karma is there for everyone just like a dish about to served after you have taken your orders; it’s a matter of time. What I believe of karma is, but not be a cliché because for me karma means getting back exactly of what you have done so far in life. For an instance you be kind and the next moment or next day or may be next lifetime you are being treated kind by someone else. It makes a lot of sense here since Newton’s third law of motion states” For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Based on such testimonies that modern people wholly accept; karma exits ever where, irrespective of religion. Therefore I impulse every individual to be kind to each other and always put others needs before you because remember helping others indeed means helping yourself.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I speak no Americano.

Today in Bhutan if you aska kid from middle class family to speak english, probably he or she would immediately change the accent into an American one. The rate at which development is striking us is less than youth learning to speak english with that typical American accent. Funny to know this but audience also consider this children as good speakers when they have zero grammar, no syntax, lack of pronunciation and poor meaning of words. According to our revered teacher's all the above are essential items to be kept in mind while speaking english or Dzongkha.

No more Pedestrian day

It's been months since we observed Pedestrian day every tuesday. Though it was officially observed in order to reduce pollution caused by cars; i still don't have a clear concept of what actually this day means. However we may observe this day there are so many drawbacks and short commings: Taxis charge more and there are as many as taxis out there than cars on any other normal day. We should rather call it "Taxis day" or "Government vehicle day". Let us not make this so complicated ; lets just accept the fact that pedestrian day is only an excuse to encourage people to travel in taxis.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Buddha Point.

There was a time when the worlds tallest Buddha statue was used as an after party spot. Buddha point became so ironical in the name itself that at a point a caricature of Buddha holding its nose titles "if only people could visit me during the day time". There are so many crimes of course most of them minor involved after the construction of the Buddha statue. What people don't seem to understand is that, that is not just a spot but the palace of Sherab Wangchuck, the thirteenth Druk Desi over looking the southern approach to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. It's sad to know that our energetic part goer's just can't get enough.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My favorite dish

My favorite dish is ema datshi!!Now that is a cliche to most of my Bhutanese readers. I come to write about something that is so common among the Bhutanese and new to my other reader's because i just found that there are people from America reading my blog's too, (smiles).Th
e night before i was with my father and we decided to prepare this dish upon his humble request. first get some red Chilies boiled for about a minute or two, crush traditional Bhutanese cheese over the Chili, apply salt, olive oil, butter and finally cheese . Now you have your ema kam datshi ready to be served and eaten!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Quality time.

Baking was such fun with my sister today!!. While i asked her to stir the chocolate paste i was busy taking pictures of her.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Every bodys a model NOW..

HAHA what can you say now. I am sure that you face book more than i do and that you have come across so many new pages regarding modeling and fashion photography. They are all young fresh graduates ey ey thats what the photo caption says!!!. There's a new recipe to how to become a model and get more than 50 likes in your 10O% edited picture. It's simple open a web page in face book, post pictures, have huge marketing or at least circle of friends or relatives willing to like your pictures and of all girls willing to pose for your Nikion D5100. There are so many web pages of which i have just talked about but i wont be naming one also.( check out, you know at least one even if your not a regular facebooker).

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where do we start

Today i write this not because some one whom i know was disgraced but because nothing seems fair. The body building competition that was held last month was such a blast, with the new Mr Bhutan being crowned( Ahh i meant receiving a sum of Nu 90,000). Yes, it's true that winning is not important not even as close to participating because the winner without its opponent is just like a land without a person to be claimed. Just the day before i was tutoring my cousin about Article 7 of the constitution i.e fundamental rights. When unaccustomed competitions like this is to be held it should be held in the right way at least without corrupted judges. It is of no matter even if the best man doesn't win but if some one who is not worth of deserving stands alone then are we playing a fair game?. It is vital to know that when someone who is not deserving stands alone it is not only affecting that one man who deserved the most but also the rest who were equally like the him. Where are our small Bhutanese ethics?,are we only to write and talk about it rather then to preach.

Found this in one of my old hard disk

Yesterday my cousin Tandin Tshering visited me surprisingly. I felt a little delight when I saw him. He had bought me some tusks and they weren’t vital more than his visit. He had not changed physically but I did notice that he had become a little wiser. Later in the evening we talked about our plans for winter vacation and summer too, both of us wanted to learn driving though we couldn’t get the driving permit. We didn’t talk till we had this feeling of pondering because both of us knew that he wanted to do something outside as in near the river. While he wanted to see the river so badly I didn’t mind taking him too. At the river side, both of us found joy in seeing the fast flow of the current. The weather was mildly cold though spring had already made its approach. Me I often found joy in seeing the beautiful ‘Himalayan Mountain’ and condemned him but every time I did he mistook me for the joy of the river. We both returned back visiting the small grocery near my dwelling and I felt he wasn’t content with his purchase. Reaching my room was the best thing after that because I had to study my lessons so badly. My cousin then turned on my computer and played with it. He asked me whether I felt blasé about the computer after my Internet service was down. Than we had dinner and he didn’t eat much but I did and sorry that I didn’t notice others eating. After dinner the tv set let our time pass not much because the movie channels we wore looking for wad either had the wrong pick or others wore already watched. While he wasn’t interested in seeing news channels I didn’t want to hear anymore about Japan. To have a universal fellowship quality I had known enough about Japan, the earth quake magnititude, the day it had occurred and the city it had hit. Finally we went to our bed and I did insist him to sleep on my bed but he slept on the comfortable mattress.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today i visited the centenary farmers market in Thimphu with my mom. Organic Sales Outlet is a mini shop located at the first floor of the market and the shop was very easy to be reached by along with the owner very communicative. Some of the items displayed for sale were sweet pea, lettuce, pudihina, red onions and other green vegetables; perfect start to my day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who are we

I just read this article titled" a 13 year old gives birth". Firstly i am saddend by the idea that no one responsible as far as my parents and teachers has not informed me yet about this issue. secondly disquieted that there are such men in our country and most vital of all out parents have failed to guide us and the title of guardian angle given to our teachers are downtrodden. Tonight i wont be able to go to bed at peace becuase out there one mans mentality has not changed.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have always been found of seeing his highness picture because i truly adore him and respect him. Almost all the girls in the country consider Dasho Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck as an epitome of handsome. My most memorable experience was when i met Dasho online twice which i had thought i would have never. To have his royal highness as a friend in facebook not only means pride but happiness too because i truly know that there are so many people out there who only wishes to be his friend. so once while i was chatting with Dasho i came across a word called ditto and to my suprise Dasho took his precious time to explain the meaning of the word. I was bestowed by Dasho's kindness. from that very moment i have been making use of that word.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The traffic mecca

It's been a while since the traffic problem in Phuentsholing has been frequent. I came here four days ago. The traffic jam is dominated by the trucks from Bhutan as well as India. Well unlike what i have seen in the capital, here the traffic police seems to be missing. In fact the traffic police are the rowdy drivers themselves.