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Saturday, September 4, 2010

korean meccano

i have noticed this thing every time I surf the tv channels. I have noticed that when I view the bhutanese channel or lets say the local channel where they broadcast school children’s concert. Out of so many songs now I see the children most of them performing ‘Korean dance” or lets just again say western songs but out of which the most is Korean. And also in my notice of the particular year the students were performing the dance was 2008. I don’t really know why I was curious to know the date for this stuff. Well in addition to the other channel over the past year that is channel V one of the most loved music channels ever since my dads time. That now this channel is fully owned and songs are all broadcast in Korean. Is it that even the channel V which long time was in English now is in Korean because the cable operater’s now know that the youth of Bhutan are infact also the youth of korea??? I only wondered when did this actually start??? I mean it is ” ABNORMAL to not like the Korean culture” I am sorry but I must admit that I feel I am the only youth left out ABNORMAL

Taking advantage of our talent

Why is it that the country who leads in the buddha’s teaching and the one of which has GNH as a fundamental goal is now no more worth all this things? The cloud of depression caught me on this issue. I woke up from my reverie this afternoon when I heard a friend of my sister speak out that she no more wanted to work in the movie industry because the DIRECTOr's were taking advantage of what she had in to disguise. I don’t really know whether my thoughts are full of falsity right now but then the fact here is that the generation now is taking advantage of what we owe. This must be one issue that needs an illusion for young girls talented like us. For one and all we must intervene this stuff for now or never.