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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The bag i truly own

Today I only thank myself for owing such a thing truly all by myself. Joining this club was one of the greatest thing I had ever done if I look back now. So one summer day during my vacation I was thinking no, not thinking I was being warned that ever since I joined this group I had never participated in any of the contests. Later I wrote this essay on the topic “if you wore the richest men or women in Bhutan what would you do”. After few days I was being warned by all of my friends at school ok not all( very few read the paper) that I won the contest and stood first~~!!. For winning the contest I toke home a bag and certificate signed by sonam peldan( I haven’t seen her in person but I want to meet her one day).

small things

Small things bring happiness in our life and it’s true for those who believe. This uncle of mine had gifted me a bag when he went to Bangkok for some medical reasons. In reality I must say we are not that close. Later he also gifted me a lovely night dress. For these things I will never forget in my life and it will remain like a serene moment in my childhood.


My father had a Bhutanese friend staying in Denmark named tshewang and when I met him for the first time he seemed kind. As far as I know he was supposed to send a lot of stuffs to my dad and his wife from Denmark, so with this issue once I noticed over teatime a cookie tin where it was written “Danish style”. Then I questioned my father actually by now I was sure that these cookies wore sent by him. When I questioned my father about the cookies he said no and as far as I know he hasen’t sent us anything at all, no wonder my father still hopes!!

Too cheap

Like always it was a hot sunny day and me and my brother wore walking from school. A block after we left from my school gate we over toke the boys from my class. Thud thud and a boy from my class wore mocking about the batch that was attached to my school bag. Well the batch was nor old neither new, but something caught me when they said “it looks so cheap and try and have another batch on your bag”. For a clear reference please take a look at the picture. With the suns beam over me I have no idea whether I felt humiliated or sad, but I did remove the batch, did i??

once a vegetarian.

“Eat them eat them, your just a kid right now” that’s what my aunt told me. I don’t really know how I had to stop myself from eating meat. I know that’s sounds funny but I was too young to give all those vast reasons. As far as I remember I went vegetarian almost a month and please don’t believe what my brother says cause I know after he grows big enough to write a blog and follow me and tell you all that I was a veg juts for a week!!. Well I don’t exactly blame him because he was too young to understand anything. Now this part of the story is quite foiled, after my aunty made a beautiful meal called rips on something I just could not control and so was the influence from the cook so vast!!