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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is thimphu the only mecca for learning??

Till today i thought i was lucky enough to be the youth of bhutan but as a student I personally feel that opportunity that enhance us has been tearing us right apart in the television. These days nothing pleases me to probe the show “super spellers” in bbs. The fact that bbs are coming up with so many new programs these days, we the students of different schools of Bhutan are left out; except that of thimphu. every time there is a program lets say an awarness program its always THIMPHU!

I don’t know whether this issue is to be blamed directly or indirectly to bbs or the education sector. I hope to know that this issue shall not be muddled. We do know the that fact that thimphu is given a little more nourishment then the other dzongkhags, Thus ultimately the talented youth are too. This is the fact that we don’t mind in accepting the fact but we cannot defy the fact that we the youth are left behind. The only question I have is 'what is their biggest obstacle in giving opportunity's to the youth'?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

korean meccano

i have noticed this thing every time I surf the tv channels. I have noticed that when I view the bhutanese channel or lets say the local channel where they broadcast school children’s concert. Out of so many songs now I see the children most of them performing ‘Korean dance” or lets just again say western songs but out of which the most is Korean. And also in my notice of the particular year the students were performing the dance was 2008. I don’t really know why I was curious to know the date for this stuff. Well in addition to the other channel over the past year that is channel V one of the most loved music channels ever since my dads time. That now this channel is fully owned and songs are all broadcast in Korean. Is it that even the channel V which long time was in English now is in Korean because the cable operater’s now know that the youth of Bhutan are infact also the youth of korea??? I only wondered when did this actually start??? I mean it is ” ABNORMAL to not like the Korean culture” I am sorry but I must admit that I feel I am the only youth left out ABNORMAL

Taking advantage of our talent

Why is it that the country who leads in the buddha’s teaching and the one of which has GNH as a fundamental goal is now no more worth all this things? The cloud of depression caught me on this issue. I woke up from my reverie this afternoon when I heard a friend of my sister speak out that she no more wanted to work in the movie industry because the DIRECTOr's were taking advantage of what she had in to disguise. I don’t really know whether my thoughts are full of falsity right now but then the fact here is that the generation now is taking advantage of what we owe. This must be one issue that needs an illusion for young girls talented like us. For one and all we must intervene this stuff for now or never.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Help them

Help them make their dreams come true. Their parents have abandoned them only because of their drinking habits and desire to have a life worth one. He’s parent’s has already remarried and he tells me about how he went through and that he never wants to go back again. It must be something new for us[readers] to hear that a eight year old child does not want to go back to his parents as if in those world of rich people even after u are over 18 years old u love your parents more than anything. He recalls one of his incident to me about when his parents returned that night drunk and asked him to cook food for them, when he did they wouldn’t eat the food instead shout at him and beat him including the other siblings. It is also amazing that this child could trust strangers [us] all the way from his home to paro, he now lives with us and works for us. We must say that he is among those children who are born luckily to those unlucky parents.

Fee collecter

I saw this girl, she was very young and I wondered why this girl was here and how was it possible for her to be here. Yes who evers daughter she was, who evers sister, or who ever's friend she was u and I cannot deny now that she is working temporary as a parking fee collectar. When I asked her the age she was living in she replied that she was only 12 years old and while my father pulled the car back I could notice in her face that she was curiously counting the time consumed by the vehicle in the parking lot by her little fingers in a cagey mood. In my notice she was still a student of the nearest school by her town.

my idea of a perfect world

The perfect world consist of three things for me; love, peace and freedom. Where our family friends and teachers gather to celebrate the perfect world, where we earn respect and have certain values in our life. Eg= school is the perfect world where we earn love, practice peace and enjoy freedom .The world would consists of mankind with no possessions so that there would be no war and no desires to have certain things. The qualities that would come along with me in this world are 1=a good citizen 2=a person who values the culture with great reverence and lastly 3= one who conserves the environment. My idea of a perfect world would also consists of people with equal standards and would want to spend more of our time with the person we love in our life. So let us all conserve this perfect world and be one of them

Thursday, February 4, 2010

child hood days

Trust me u dont want to miss your school days and the time at which u tirelessly play in the streets with your friends. Now that i just crossed that stage i feel very bad. Even at school when u see a bunch of bullies over u and some group of girls walking over your tiffin box trying to ignore u and make fun of u and the crush thing how u feel. There are lots u know i mean countless..We now no more talk with those friends cause we know that they dont belong with us in the same stage let it be with money or other stuffs. Then when we look back and we tend to just remember how we use to get along with those people which now we know that we wont talk with them for the rest of our lives.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Extra realationship

This issue recalls me when i read the paper for the last time and saw this issue written in on of those sections 'MORE DIVORCE CASES' which reminds me of my parents. Than every time there is a talk i hear my elder's say he has a girl friend and not even in those lines where people say 'AFFAIRS' than they talk about the divorce that they are going to get from their wife but than when i ask the reasons behind they say 'she was good for nothing and always went for gambling' i mean if she was good for nothing than what about the kids?? will they go back to those tiny stuffs back in the stomach?? When i asked my dad why did u remarried he told me that i had to remarry cause i want a life and some one to look after me. Now i say there are people after divorce's remarrying and than again going out with girls. What is this world i mean every man is not happy with the life he has and has an affair be it with a cheap girl or a rich one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taxi drivers

Y are all the taxi drivers same i mean people have to depend on them no matter what even the rich at times to travel from one place to another. My mom lives near by the main traffic and i often have to walk through the town to get her grocery shopping done so what i notice every day is when ever we walk as the way on the road is open for pedestrians to cross the road the way taxi drivers look at girls let it be young or old enough to enjoy just by looking and when there aint no signal to cross the road and the moment u are about to cross the road suddenly taxi drivers stop their cars with that sharp noise and thats when they see hot girls as i said before enough to enjoy just by watching. Sometimes i feel bhutanese men are gone crazy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my plan of a perfect holiday

My plan of a perfect holiday is that since in Bhutan we have at least two months for the winter vacation in the schools so the first thing i would do is. I would spend the first month of my holiday getting myself en rolled in a course like music class or computer course than i would spend the second month going on a trip or either shopping with my family and the leftover weeks try to stay at home and cook for my family or do some house works.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A glimpse of his majesty the fourth king of bhutan

Today the 21st of jan i saw a glimpse of his majesty while coming back from my last music class. So much of this was into me and the people around me had been staring on him as if though it was their last day on earth. I never thought that it would bring so much happiness on everyones heart by seeing their king and we coud proudly saw those two lines"our king'. Trust me sometimes i feel like sheding tears and then think when people young or old find happiness while seeing their king what would happen when they met his royal highness??? Infact it is unpredictable in our lives.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Different schools

I came to know about this issues only when i was in class 8 and for the first time using facebook. In my remembarence i found out that there were not only good schools in bhutan but also in india and far more and also that our bhutanese students were attending them. Many who knew about those schools wanted to be a part of that school. some of the few schools which our bhutanese students were attending were woodstock, dr grahms homes, regents, kodaikanal, prem tinsulalaonda.

Out of which everyones entilied 'INTERNATIONAL' as though even this days people have big comparisons on the school they go to and believe that the better school they go to the better background they have. Out here i want to make sure that i am not blaming or critizing any one in this issue and believe that everybody wants to be a part of the goodthings and so on the better but as i am learning i have concluded this stuffs here by saying i wouldnt mind studying in the above school. lol

Friday, January 15, 2010

did we vote for the right person??

Bhutanese people chose their representatives in the country's first election and i guess my parents were probably voting for dpt though people never tell each other for actually on who they voted. Now the challenges we are facing and i hear people talk on issues that now the promises longtime made by the representatives are falling in action. So it is probably a big questions in whose hands this are to be blamed and they say now its too late.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

where i study???

Today i would love to write and share something about my new schoool after all this years i have lived in the border town with all those pollution around the house everytime u open the window. So yes its in paro a very peaceful valley and i live somewhere in the village area and i am planning to graduate highschool from this school. I hardely go to town and plus u hardely get what u want in town. well me i live with my grandmother because my parents are not together the day i was three.

It was very hard for me to get along with the people here though i was really desperate for friendship. I some times lie to my friends that i actually study here though its a very good school. No one liked me because they thought i was a spoil brat under her parents money. I didn't care what people thought of me and sonner or later i did have friends through my grandmother. For me its like a vacation everytime i see the place around me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

park incident

Today while on my way to my music class i noticed something new and very different though it has been a week that i have been taking that way. So what i really noticed was a small park where a bunch of kids were playing and in my notice many of them were the poor kids or some who came from not a rich family, who many of us see while on the road or either playing in a garbage pit. Than i saw those precious smiles in their face and thought now this place was actually for this kids who dont have toys at home to play and when i asked one of the kids at what time he actually comes he replied that i come here everyday at 10 after my breakfast and i spent my entire day playing in this park.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Drugs and Society

I believe few years back people were thinking and in fact it was one of the most running news in the country whether u see a school magazine there were poems written on drugs, stories and every time the king addressed his speech in public those strong sentence meant very powerful "todays youth are tomorrows leader". Even though today our youth so calmly take drugs and i believe and think that now almost every one takes drugs as though in case of that relation of taking the betal nut by our elders. when i asked how many boys in our class take drugs there were like almost all and some even said they feel free to take in school during the recess hours.

At first this was something new to me and i was wondering how i would be behaving in class with those students sitting near by me but as days passed by i even came to knew that my brother was also into drugs and so on here i am shocked on what people really think and do this stuffs..i even believe that here in this issue we cannot blame any one but those themselves involved in this stuffs

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My First Post

Hi every one and i am looking forward to make friends