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Monday, February 18, 2013

So i thought.

I thought may be before i lose all my teenage drama i would write about somethings which our parents are least aware of. The night before i knew on how many people my aunty went out with before marriage and it's obvious sex was a yes yes. Then i thought at this moment i am trying my best to maintain a stature with improvised intergity and etiqueti. I am not convincing that once you sleep around with one or two guys you lose all those. However my philosophy is that there should be a fine line between dating guys and literally dating them aswell as sleeping around. Whatsoever one's virginity shoudl be his or her spouse's gift..LOL not necessary the male's.


  1. I happily disagree with the idea that virginity should be a gift to one's spouse. Although I would be flattered if my wife turned out to be a virgin, I don't live in the last century. I believe every person has the right to explore and develop their sexuality before marriage. And an experienced woman has a lot to offer!

  2. thats your perspective! thanks alot anyways

  3. woah...I agree + disagree. I mean i dont care if my husband has lost his virginity..or not. Its their wish to lose it or not..