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Saturday, July 13, 2013

How likewise

Do you remember Paul the Octopus who predicted the winners of the world cup for spain against the Netherlands; well for the second elections in Bhutan the so called "oracle" is played by Bhutanomics!. Bhutanomics is a page on facebook where they openly bring out the true colours of the ruling government and the night before(second night of the black out period) posted on facebook their predictions of the 2013 elections and i must say they were 100% true. According to the predictions PDP(worlds smallest opposition) would sweep the elections by 32 seats out of 47 and the remaning by the opposition. The octopus and Bhutanomics are same in the sense that both remain omnious and have the ability to remain calm and very firm, the octopus cannot speak but simply show some gesture and so can bhutanomics not reveal its identity but simply state facts(good or bad) about the ruling government. I might write more later!

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