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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I remember that spring.

The spring of 2010 was a splendid one with flowers to bloom early and I was residing with my paternal grandmother than. However I found a lake full of joy to enjoy the sightseeing of the first blossom’s because I was isolated from all material possession and resided in valley of surpassing beauty, where at midday you could spot the only plane flying over the magnificent so called country hills. Walking to home from school was so heart stirring because I noticed the valley across the river (chu phaka) changed its color from grey dissapointment’s to a hope of green aspirations. Then after school I would immediately walk across my grandmother’s gardens and near the maturing river to take pictures of the blossoms and feel the fresh green trees. The only way to keep hold of those memories were through my digital camera which was gifted by my beloved apa(father) and at times I would just gaze through my 2 storeyed towards the splendid apple orchard . I must say these activities brought great joy and a source of contentment almost sufficing to all material compassions as a kid then and now reminiscing as an adult. When my cousins who lived in cities visited me I would take them for a walk and sightseeing near the river and the village road surrounded by cows ; a common scene at dusk.

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