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Friday, June 7, 2013


I have never thought of a soulmate in the past and that day my teacher proved a blessing to me. when she told us that "soul mates" could actually be anyone apart from your spouse and that you could have several of them!. The word soulmate wasen’t familiar to me and one thing was sure, the moment i would hear about it,it was confined to love. According to people it means when someone completes you and reinforces the fact that you have better purposes and roles to be played. However what astonished and uplifted me was the perspective of "soulmate"provided by my teacher, according to her it meant anyone who has helped you to become someone better in life and someone who dared not to take away hope from you and also the fact that one can have several of them in various forms. Therefore i say "thank YOU Madam" because since that day my fog's on soulmate has been cleared as well as my outlook on it has changed drastically. For me all the people that i have ever met, the one's that were bad taught me to be wise and the ones that were good taught me to be better and of all the ones that made me a better person than i was yesterday. I believe there is nothing that one can learn on its own and achieve mastery or excellence, sufficing that we are dependent on each other and gratitude must always flow, therefore my teacher has already been enlisted in my soul mate category; fortunately she topped the list

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