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Saturday, June 1, 2013

what is actually happening.

I do not know of other countries but alot about what is happening in Bhutan through facebook. The youth espically those aged from 15-20 seem to be facebook addicts as they seem to discover new friends every now and then and most of them come to know about their school mates more through Facebook than actually in school. Some even come to know about each other so well that they have this new relationship of sisters, brothers, best friend forever, boyfriend, grandfather being established which is clearly displayed through the family tree section. Few years ago a man from one of the European countries had become popular among the bhutanese youth espically from Paro where he played the role of a grandfather and neither did i question about him to these so called facebook nieces and i would often see his comments on their pictures. While the other section of youth who keep changing their profile picture now and then seem to add unlimited number of people and message them with a request to like their picture and this happens with the girls. Similarily with the pages "like" seems to be a cliche and a symbol of competition among the page admins with almost every page being linked with the word "Bhutanese", for example Bhutanese Girls, Bhutanese Boys, Bhutanese Models and etc. while there are those that seem to like someones picture without any conscience and little hope that their pictures will be liked back and guess what! its a success as more than 90% of pictures are being liked just at the glance of it.

Good comeback.

Good comeback. Incase my readers thought i was dead or stuck somewhere, i am glade to come back with a good news. Few months back i blogged about my unwillingness to accept the results of the body building competition, well here is something good then,justic has been finally done!. Anti doping agency has finally stepped in just like the hero at the end of the movie. As a result the four winners declined to give their urine test, forbidding them from participating in any international body building events. Any body can conclude this hideous act as the reason behind using illegal methods to accomplish medals and titles and i must say there never was a winner for us this year or any year where such act was carried out however without us knowing; if it ever happend before. This is important for us as a small country developing every second and being the country where dharma flourished, forget about religion our main philosophy is based on GNH. I and many people believe that corruption must be nipped in the bud; otherwise we are just making a fool of ourselves and pacing a balloon full of short commings for the future generations