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Monday, January 11, 2010

Drugs and Society

I believe few years back people were thinking and in fact it was one of the most running news in the country whether u see a school magazine there were poems written on drugs, stories and every time the king addressed his speech in public those strong sentence meant very powerful "todays youth are tomorrows leader". Even though today our youth so calmly take drugs and i believe and think that now almost every one takes drugs as though in case of that relation of taking the betal nut by our elders. when i asked how many boys in our class take drugs there were like almost all and some even said they feel free to take in school during the recess hours.

At first this was something new to me and i was wondering how i would be behaving in class with those students sitting near by me but as days passed by i even came to knew that my brother was also into drugs and so on here i am shocked on what people really think and do this stuffs..i even believe that here in this issue we cannot blame any one but those themselves involved in this stuffs

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